Systems Biology of Drug Resistance Evolution


The euphemistic term "emergence" is often used in medicine to describe the evolutionary processes by which living systems acquire resistance to chemotherapy. The purpose of this meeting is to understand clinical resistance from the perspective that it is best understood, and therefore controlled, if we adopt an evolutionary perspective from the start.

Reflecting the importance of the different disciplines needed to tackle the problem of drug resistance, our invited speakers represent a wide range of methodological approaches.

With an emphasis on the relevance to past but also potential future clinical studies, speakers will address different aspects of the resistance problem. Topics for discussion include antibiotic discovery (JL), antibiotic stewardship in the clinic (JI), rapid pathogen diagnosis (DP), bioinformatics approaches to clinical resistance adaptation (TaLi), reduced-dose trials using malaria in vivo models (AR), in vitro models of resistance adaptation (MB) studied using ideas from systems biology (IG, TLu), in addition to theoretical, epidemiological modelling (CCC).

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